The mr-280 is a full-frequency short-range projection of two high-pitched card package speaker systems. The high frequency part is a 2 3-inch paper basin high sound, transparent and soft. The 8-inch low-frequency driver is a unit with a double 120 magnetic 35 core. It adopts the customized paper basin made in China. The low-frequency drive is more crisp and full and sunken.

Product specification

Frequency response range (-10db) : 68hz-15khz ±3dB

The loudest pressure level /1m: 110Db

Composition: 8 "*1+3" *2

Horizontal coverage Angle: 90 °

Vertical coverage Angle: 60°

Sensitivity: 91dB

Nominal resistance: 8 Ω

Power: 120 w

Peak power: 150W

Recommended amplifier: 150-200w

Protection function: dynamic suspension point: 2x M8

Handle: no

Support rod installation slot: none

Mesh cover: steel mesh

Color: black

Dimensions: height: 270 mm, width: 457 mm. Depth: 251 mm

Weight: 9 kg


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