16-way balanced microphone/line input with 48V phantom power supply soft switch;

12 balanced circuit output;

Excellent sound quality at 24bit/48kHz;

Optimized pre-stage gain, with multiple regulation of 0, 6, 30, 36 and 42dB, applicable to MIC and LINE levels;

USB2.0 audio interface for fast playback and recording of audio;

Full function matrix mixer, intuitive signal routing table, intersections controllable level;

Adaptive feedback to eliminate AFC, high-speed floating point digital algorithm for each microphone to provide feedback suppression, suppression system roar;

Automatic gain control AGC, to ensure that the sound system output volume is stable, not affected by speakers from the microphone far or near the volume of the audience area;

The limiter with immediate response can perfectly protect the equipment of the later stage.

Multiple modes of automatic mixing AM, can choose threshold automatic mixing or gain sharing automatic mixing mode;

Adaptive echo cancellation AEC, quickly eliminate the echo generated in video meeting;

A variety of parameters can be selected, including PEQ, high-shelf, low-shelf,

LP, HP, can be flexibly applied in more occasions;

Equipped with Chinese and English operating software, intuitive, graphical software control interface; Flexible and diverse control methods:

Easy connection to computers and other network devices through Ethernet;

Rs-232 two-way serial control interface

GPIO programmable control interface, 8 logic input, 4 voltage input control, 4 logic output;

Support RC panel, TCP/IP connection; With 1.5-inch OLED display and level indicator light;


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