1. Visible diagonal display size: ≥17.3 inches, physical resolution: 1920*1080, Angle of view: IPS full Angle, with 9-inch electronic table card on the back;

2. Touch screen type: capacitive screen, 10-point touch, similar to Ipad operation experience.

3. The elevator panel is equipped with a 1-way USB interface, which is equipped with an anti-slip-off dust cover. The color of the dust cover is silver gray.

4. Physical size of display screen: length ≤451* height ≤251 (mm)

6. The elevator is equipped with 232 and 485 wired centralized control for the rise or fall of the elevator, and remote control for the rise or fall of the elevator;

7. The elevator has built-in X86 industrial control board (external connection of host is not allowed), the hardware configuration processor adopts I5 chip, the main frequency ≥ 2.5g, memory ≥ 4G, solid state hard disk ≥ 64G; Includes one key physical key restore system function, in any case, the system has one key switch type restore.

8. The system must have a pure Internet network, which requires a cable can be realized video, audio, documents, images, such as signal transmission, the terminal of the image through the network video file synchronization to other conference terminals or large screen, the sound files at the same time through the network by the codec after decoding output to the conference audio processing equipment;

9. Support the display of terminal nameplate, which includes the names, units, positions, meeting hosts, meeting place, meeting time and other information of participants;

10. Support the intelligent push function of conference documents. The background documents are automatically pushed to the front-end conference terminal according to the rights according to the conference process.

10. Support the push function of meeting file source file, meeting file does not need to be converted twice, and ensure the consistency of file format (file format supports all formats recognized by the computer);

11. Support the direct uploading of conference documents in the usb flash drive to the relevant conference topics;

12. System support shortcut function, shortcut function floating window display, automatic pop-up when needed, do not need to automatically hide, the basic shortcut button in the floating window: text annotation, shortcut mark, screen broadcast, track speaker, return to desktop, end broadcast, return system, etc.

13. The system supports any conference terminal to press the same screen at the next button of any screen screen (the local terminal can synchronize the screen to other conference terminals with the big screen or only with the screen to the big screen);

14. Support the terminal to synchronize the conference terminal and the broadcast source mouse pointer without delay tracking when the broadcast screen is displayed

15. Asynchronous browsing, any authorized meeting terminal supports one-key switch (local terminal can switch remote synchronous screen and local terminal screen with one-key switch) to complete the free interaction function of signals;

16. Track lecturers: the conference terminal in the state of asynchronous browsing supports one-key synchronization to the lecturers, and any file at this time is consistent with the video screen;

17. Support single or multiple chairman functions. The chairman can control meeting process and signal switch, open voting, start meeting topics, select broadcast signal source, force the same screen, end the same screen, end the meeting and other functions;

18. Support the WINDOWS operation interface of PC and broadcast to other conference terminals in real time with the same screen to the big screen or only with the same screen to the big screen and display delay of less than 1 second;

19. The system supports one-click display of remote video conference screen;

20. Support any file in the external usb drive to be broadcast to other conference terminals and displayed synchronously with the big screen;

21. Support interactive annotation function. After launching the on-screen broadcast, the terminal supports other participants to directly synchronize the initiator of annotation, and supports multiple participants to mark the same picture at the same time; (interactive annotation software copyright registration certificate shall be provided when bidding.)

22. Support custom multi-option voting, multi-choice comments, meeting attendance, interactive electronic whiteboard, electronic nameplate display, document marking, meeting communication, meeting service, meeting notice and other meeting functions;


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