Receiving frequency: UHF500~960MHz

Frequency stability: ±0.002% (using quartz crystal locking better than 15ppm)

Sensitivity: 10 V

Adjacent frequency interference ratio: >80dB

Mirror interference ratio: >80dB

Signal to noise ratio: >90dB

Extension ratio: 1: 2

Audio output: adjustable 0~300mV

Receive channel: 4, 4, Channels

Output interface: 6.3 uneven mixing port

Supply voltage: 220V (50Hz)

Power consumption: 6W

Antenna: external antenna

Dynamic range: >100dB

Composite distortion: <1%

Operating temperature: -10℃~50

Conference launch

Transmitting frequency: UHF500~960MHz

Frequency stability: 0.002% (locked with quartz crystal better than 15ppm)

Transmit power: 30mW

Current consumption: <25mA

Sub harmonic:  main wave< 40dB


Skewness: ±20KHz

Compression ratio: 2: 1

Super cardioid pickup: capacitive Condenser

Battery: 1.5V AA alkaline battery, can be used continuously for 5 hours

Antenna: external type

Frequency response: 50Hz~15KHz

Effective distance: 30 meters (ideal environment)

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