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How to judge the mix


Objective to evaluate a mix of good or bad for most people, it is not easy, because it involves all aspects of knowledge and conditions, for example, basic music literacy, good monitoring environment and equipment, for the understanding of the content and expression of music. In many cases, we judge the quality of a piece of work, in fact, is not objective, but the subjective will of your feelings about the mix of good or bad!

1 the influence of the material quality on the mixing

Good for the late pre mix is particularly important, including the simple pickup, pickup, pickup device, and the latter is in the early stage of singing, modified on the basis of, like if a person is beautiful, his parents certainly not ugly!

Here, a lot of people will say, have done a good job in the early, but also what you do in the late mixing ah! I look at the other people who who are so bad things are so good cattle, how can people, you can not do it?

This view of people all over the city, which is not surprising from the side reaction of most people is very superficial understanding of the essence of things to mix (the amount of lay people don't need to know so much, you mix their own understanding on the line, hematemesis).

It is one of the many responsibilities of the mixer to deal with problematic material, and it is absolutely impossible to deal with the problem. This concept is very important, some of the business level of the project, usually mixing Division will be involved in many of the early work, the reason is very simple, to ensure that when they start all the material is no problem! In addition to the need to explain is that the magic can be turned into an example of magic does not explain the ability of a mixer, but can reflect the creativity of the mixer! Many times, too junk mixer not connected, they have their judgment, sometimes because of the sensibilities, feel shy to refuse, reluctantly agreed to next, final works is certainly commendable creative things, such as a cool sound like, rather than quality, instead of singing!

2 monitoring device for judging the impact of mixing good or bad

Monitoring device is to restore the sound device, a good listener to judge the results are more credible! For example, the same piece of work, with a mobile phone to listen to the speaker to listen to, and listen to the sound, the effect is certainly closer to the sound of the music itself!

3 listen to the environment to assess the impact of mixing good or bad

Effect of monitoring environment depending on the professional, even make people feel is in style, but here, more people feel hypocritical things, every reasonable, such as listening to the reflected sound space, listening to the speaker's position, distance etc.

4 the influence of music accomplishment on judging the quality of mixing

The importance of music literacy to judge a good or bad works in spiritual things, some people think that the symphony is very elegant, someone recorded the song's slobber resonance, all causes a personal preference is the music accomplishment! So sometimes you feel good works of garbage, and sometimes you just think it is rubbish works, some people put it down

5 personal preferences for judging the effects of mixing

You have your love, I have my love, this is not a contradiction, but an invisible obstacle, communication and evaluation really like, when I tell you that I think this mix of very good, you may feel a little reverberation will be better, or a little voice will be better ~

6 how do you communicate when someone asks you to give advice

First of all, not reckless decision is good or not good, because you may not understand the specific circumstances of the material, usually we will own a set of criteria to measure the standard is good, you many years of accumulation, the quality of the work, the formation of this standard in most source factor you hear so. We will use the high quality standard to measure the mixing audition works, if the mix in the material in question, but you don't know, temerity negate the efforts of others, may be not very polite!

Summary, personally think that everything within the scope of the art is subjective influence than objective, as one thousand readers in the eyes of the one thousand Hamlett, mixing is the case!

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