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Haman to tell you the sound of popular standards and characteristics


Engaged in professional audio industry, there are many people who are immersed in the technical staff for many years, the "good sound", "good voice" is the pursuit of their life goals. But what is a good sound? For this problem, even professionals, there are also a number of different understanding and answers. The following aspects of the sound from the following standards and characteristics of sound for your reference.

What is a good speaker

From a scientific and objective point of view, the sound box is a wide frequency response, high sensitivity, power, curve balance, the phase of the speaker. Sound box with power amplifier, after the first stage is still to maintain a "phase consistent, frequency response curve balance of nature", in the music playback subjective listening bright and clear, soft and natural is a good sound (system).

The speaker of the wide frequency response performance, high sensitivity, easy to push ring power is relatively more stable, safe, reasonable and appropriate phase equilibrium curve of cohesion is not due to the energy of internal friction and distortion, thus the real and natural from a variety of sounds, sound and strong sense of hierarchy, good degree of separation, clear and bright soft. High sensitivity, power and big box in addition to push the ring, it is more important in stabilizing the security state within the scope of the maximum sound pressure level can beat the pack, driving without too much power to get the sound pressure level required to.

The subjective evaluation, because of his personality, culture, art, cognitive preference and the different standards, which leads to the people Different people, different views. different ways to describe.

Our comprehensive subjective evaluation is: can "loud shock, but bright and clear and not harsh, listen to mellow, true nature, good elasticity", is a good speaker.

As a private speaker, you must also add a good sing, sing sing, durable (Hi) and a strong sense of siege requirements.

Two, what is a good amplifier

The standard of good power amplifier is that the efficiency is reasonable, the damping coefficient is appropriate, the frequency response is wide enough, the ability to change the voltage is strong, the output waveform is normally balanced, the signal to noise ratio is high, the distortion is low, and the analysis (analysis) is strong. This power amplifier with the balance of high-quality speakers, the performance of the sound appears clean, clear, good separation, listening sense of hierarchy.

Of course, the amplifier in the working process and the speaker voice coil, will produce a very high temperature, so it must have a reasonable circuit, high quality components and good heat dissipation device.

With the above conditions and can cooperate with the speaker issued a soft, clear, transparent sound quality, and can work steadily, is the best quality amplifier.

Three, what is a good pre

Good before the most important indicator is the reverberation chip, Op Amp, the circuit are better, the function is appropriate, reasonable, sufficient, adjustable strong, sound real nature.

Four, what is a good microphone

With sound box, power amplifier, after the first stage, the voice of the real natural (the sound of all there) is a good microphone. If it is wireless, do not run frequency, constant frequency, anti shock resistant durable U wireless microphone for good.

To achieve the above objective and subjective conditions of sound is the good sound, don't believe what the "American", "Japan", or "British" sound good, in fact, comparison is simple: listen to your familiar songs, sing a few picked up the microphone, switching back and forth comparison to know.

Of course, if you have professional knowledge and test equipment, then in addition to the subjective comparison of the effect of listening and singing, the objective test of science is also a good way to contrast. At any time, people's subjective consciousness will inevitably be misleading their own time, but the objective of scientific data will not lie".

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