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Campus radio system solution


First, the user needs

In order to meet the needs of campus management and the construction of digital campus, it is necessary to build a set of campus radio. Since the school has been built for many years and the road surface hardening, wiring is very inconvenient, considering the construction of campus radio broadcast, the specific requirements are as follows:

1.1, the requirements of the system can automatically play regularly on the ring.

1.2, the system can be placed at any time, such as artificial radio.

1.3, a total of 2 teaching buildings, each floor of the 5.

1.4, a total of 2 dormitory buildings, each of the 3 layers, the requirement to be able to play on campus ringtones.

1.5, canteen 2, teachers and students can be required to play background music.

1.6, the requirements of the school public activities in the area and outdoor radio can listen to the radio.

Two, user needs analysis

The school is a key middle school, the intelligent broadcast function mainly focuses on campus order maintenance, timing bell class. After investigation and analysis, we design for the customer's FM radio program is as follows:

1, the entire broadcast system design for the campus wireless Addressable Intelligent Broadcast system. According to the requirements of the school, we design the use of wireless FM broadcast, so that it is convenient to construct, and will not damage the already built road pavement and decoration environment, but also save the system construction costs.

2, in the halls of intelligent FM speaker, in order to meet the demand of radio, artificial bell.

3, in each dormitory corridor to install 2 indoor intelligent FM speakers, in order to maintain dormitory time.

4, in each restaurant to install 2 indoor intelligent FM speakers, teachers and students can play background music.

5, in the playground to install 6 outdoor radio FM column, to meet the needs of broadcast gymnastics and rally sound.

Three, campus radio broadcast system features

Wireless transmission:

High precision frequency phase locked loop FM broadcast transmitter. The whole campus radio broadcasting system needs no vertical line, simple and convenient installation.

Auto play:

Can be set every Monday to Sunday to play the work table, automatic timing broadcast on the bell, background music, radio gymnastics, songs, etc.. The system in accordance with the set of procedures, automatic play, the real realization of unattended.

Digital audio editing:

Using the advanced digital audio workstation, digital audio signal, audio, signal, and is compatible with multi format digital signal MD, DVD, MP3 and hard disk, editing a complete high quality broadcast program according to the requirements of the program.

Remote control speaker:

The use of the most advanced digital coding, remote speaker automatic switch machine, to ensure accurate. Can be 128 (area) of the sound box for automatic addressing broadcast (extended to numerous areas). The receiver does not need manual operation.

Infinite expansion:

In the FM signal coverage within the effective range, you can use a number of FM receiver.

Four, campus radio broadcast system design

4.1 wireless campus broadcast source design

Wireless campus broadcast audio by computer audio, cassette, DVD, digital tuner, microphone, mixer etc.. The user can according to the actual situation with a configuration deck, for tape; configuration of a DVD, VCD, CD, DVD, for MP3 CD player. Configure a digital tuner, broadcast for the Central People's broadcasting station and local radio programs; a mixer configuration, all the source into the first mixer, the mixer into the unified transmitting equipment for transmission, this configuration can make the audio equipment all have a unified management system, can also carry out volume analog audio signal adjustment and correction to the playback of audio sound.

4.2 wireless campus broadcast editing design

Combination of audio editing software and computer for digital audio workstation, digital audio signal, audio, signal, and is compatible with multi format digital signal MD, DVD, MP3 and hard disk, editing a complete high quality broadcast program according to the requirements of the program.

4.3 wireless campus broadcast control design

By the combination of digital intelligent controller and computer, the intelligent and automatic control of campus radio broadcasting is carried out. With the coding of remote control, the interface can be freely controlled by a point or area of the broadcast, but also manual control.

4.4 wireless campus broadcast design

The campus radio broadcast scheme with FM radio transmitter radio transmitter is of high quality by the National Committee approved production inspection, using microcomputer, digital phase-locked flash storage, error correction, switching power supply and other advanced technology. Especially it adopts double frequency subcarrier remote encoding technology is currently the most advanced level, frequency stability, remote control box switch machine is reliable and accurate, can ensure the long-term stable operation of broadcasting system.

4.5 campus radio receiving design

Frequency stabilization of the frequency spectrum of the outdoor FM sound listening, comprehensive rain and dust, suitable for outdoor broadcast. Indoor use of indoor sound speakers to listen to, or the use of FM + + + suction ceiling / wall speaker horn.

Five. Equipment list

Product Name


Function introduction


FM transmitter 50W)


All solid state, frequency synthesis, large screen display, with microphone, line input, transmission distance of 2-3 km (transmitter signal)


Transmitting antenna


The gain is larger than 5DB, less than 1.2 in Bobbi, 3MHZ bandwidth


Lightning arrester

Frequency range: DC-2500MHZ, impedance 50 ohm, insert loss 0.2DB.


50-7 high frequency cable

SYS50-7 high frequency cable 20 meters


Intelligent broadcast control timing playing system


Timing play

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