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An analysis of the digital IP network broadcast in the Xishan campus of the National People's Congress attached to the people's Congress


First, the National People's Congress attached to the Western Hills School Profile

RDFZ Xishan Xishan at school, a city - Washington community Long Park on the eastern side, three hills and five gardens yongcu guard ring. The school and the National People's Congress attached to the right distance, its surrounding is located in Kasetsart University, National Defense University, Tsinghua University, Peking University and other institutions of higher learning, as an organic part of the composition of the Haidian Centennial school district.

The educational ideas, school management, curriculum, teachers construction RDFZ Xishan school comprehensive reference RDFZ school experience, do a quality and standard, and the Haidian District Education Commission and the National People's Congress under the guidance of the school according to their own characteristics, form their own school characteristics.

RDFZ Xishan school is a completely by RDFZ throughout the planning and monitoring of the implementation of the district public schools, all classrooms, classrooms, laboratories, function of network facilities, canteens and other by RDFZ teachers' dominant design, embodies the RDFZ school philosophy. The teaching building, experimental building and dormitory building Wai, a classroom, library, electronic reading room, laboratory, technical experimental classrooms, science and technology activity room, a center for the arts and Sports Center etc.. At the same time, the school will build a digital campus, campus network covers all corners of the school. The school management team was appointed by the National People's Congress attached to the middle school, the teachers were selected and trained by the National People's Congress, from the hardware, software to the construction of teaching staff are reflected in a high starting point, high level.

RDFZ Xishan school will achieve high starting point, branding, public welfare, and promote balanced characteristic orientation, give full play to the brand and model of radiation effect RDFZ, promote and promote the balanced development of education in the northern region of Haidian District.

First, the National People's Congress attached to the Western Hills campus broadcasting technology requirements

1 music can be played on and off the bell, the bell playing table is not less than 10 sets, in order to be used for different broadcast ring tones, music ringtones can be customized.

2 North building, South Building, comprehensive building, laboratory building requirements can be addressed to each part of the classroom, and any arbitrary combination of sub grade, sub floor.

3 all corridor requirements can be controlled to each layer, through the broadcast main control center, can be on each floor of the teaching area and part of the office area of fixed-point zoning. And can be any combination.

4 different grades, different regions can play no less than 20 sets of sound source. For different grade examination and voice notification broadcast.

5 Hardware offline work control center, not less than 3 sets, mainly used in the leadership and management personnel, and can realize the authority management. Software control center is not limited to the design of a set of grades. In order to achieve the teacher can not achieve the office of the classroom management.

6 sports field should take full account of the reality of the open space, the design of the column to reduce echo feedback. And independent control of the north and South Sports ground.

7 overall system architecture requirements, the main structure for IP network access and management. Part of the sports field requires the combination of analog transmission and IP network broadcast. Design standards to achieve technology leadership, equipment stability, can be flexible to meet the campus radio, teaching applications, the 46 levels of the task of a unified examination of the functions of the three.

Two, the realization of the efficacy

1, sub control center

L leadership speech: hardware network paging microphone. For less than a specific class, as many as the whole school, and even flexible choice of regional IP network speech.

Note: leading workstation can be universal for campus radio. Campus culture through the construction of the enterprise IP broadcast system, can be broadcast at a fixed point.

L teacher sub control: Deputy client can meet a variety of teaching applications, such as the classroom teacher is only responsible for the class teaching. Grade director can only be responsible for the grade broadcast, etc.. Content can be played in advance, the preparation of a good timetable for regular broadcast or broadcast.

Background music to play regularly (on, off the bell, background music)

The design of the overall function of the school

Campus broadcasting system should be based on the digital IP network platform, and must have good scalability;

Campus radio requires the computer to operate the broadcasting system, to achieve unattended campus digital automatic broadcast function;

Timed to automatically play music on the class, wake up, break radio, eye exercises and campus background music;

The campus radio within the school has centralized control and management system, and the regional independent control and management, in the classroom can realize the point-to-point broadcasting system; at the same time the classroom can specify a program grade or class, or English listening training and examination; administrative office building, dormitory, dining room, outdoor and other places with partition broadcast system;

The system must have good scalability, as long as it is able to cover the campus network can easily deploy broadcast information points.

The campus broadcasting system can meet the requirements of flexible zoning, and the broadcast administrators can flexibly change the partition settings according to the actual situation;

All networked computers in the campus network can be used as the control points of the campus broadcasting system. When the campus broadcasting system is used at the control points, it can be broadcast to every broadcast or broadcasting station;

The campus broadcast system administrator and authorized leader can monitor or monitor the content of any broadcast in the campus;

Campus broadcast system to meet the needs of emergency broadcast, access to fire broadcast signal, the system can achieve linkage.

The system can also request the school broadcasting, music appreciation, English listening, broadcast radio station, FM radio broadcast, so as to cultivate the interest of students, create a good campus environment.

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