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Hotel background music system solution


User profiles and requirements

A star hotel building, a total of 13 floors, the ground floor of the 10, there are underground garage, is now planning to do a set of background music system. The customer requests the system to use the digital transmission way, realizes the full digital management, provides the fast and the comfortable accommodation and the working environment for the hotel guest and the entire staff, broadcasts must realize the following requirements:

1 the hotel broadcast room administrator can be in different periods of the hotel on different floors of friendship, warm greetings, etc., the system can be a single floor or the entire hotel broadcast speech, find people and broadcast notice, etc..

2 "can realize the background music to play automatically, at the same time can not be limited to play different types of music in different regions, to meet the requirements of modern intelligent hotel management.

3. The guests in the hotel rooms according to the needs of their love on-demand audio programs (such as network radio or hotel optional channel personalized program) in the same room; the regional service center service (such as two-way intercom communication wake-up call service, meal service etc.); rooms can receive fire alarm signal, the fire timely evacuation to avoid casualties.

4. The new broadcasting system with the requirements of the hotel fire alarm system linkage, emergency evacuation broadcast store customers, namely, once appear, such as fire and other unexpected emergencies, emergency room duty can be broadcast to the floor in the fire, so that people can timely and orderly evacuation of emergency evacuation, to minimize disaster accidents caused by loss. The system is compatible with the emergency fire alarm signal of the hotel, which can automatically broadcast the fire signal to the broadcast system, and is compatible with other security systems.

5 in the hotel, the entrance or the important position of the floor to set up an emergency alarm point, in case of emergency and timely contact with the main control center, to avoid dangerous accidents.

6. The whole system can be turned on and off, so that no one is on duty.

7 requirements of the whole project wiring specification, system equipment selection is reasonable, easy to operate, in line with the development needs of the hotel, the hotel for the expansion of the reserved interface.

L scheme design

According to the specific situation of the hotel, we design a set of reliable and practical background music and public emergency broadcasting system based on network transmission and audio signal centralized control management. The system adopts full digital transmission and digital management mode, which can display the working condition of the system in real time, and is convenient for the operator to use quickly.

Design: according to the hotel building structure and requirements we design 11 partitions, each layer on the ground a partition, the underground 3 layers of a partition.

Time the background music: the hotel broadcast control room can control any area of music playback and stop. The announcer will store the background music material that is in use on the network broadcast server.

The radio paging function: public broadcasting system in radio broadcast paging terminal configuration of the room, the hotel is mainly used for broadcasting room administrator radio, call and intercom, when emergency voice guide customers evacuation, achieve the orderly transfer of work.

The full realization of personalized broadcast system: according to the different areas of the hotel to play fully personalized music, let customers have the feeling of each region Guests feel at home.; independent control, can according to their need to play different background music and broadcasting, mutual influence.

The background music system and broadcasting system to realize the automatic fire linkage system: background music in normal circumstances, if the hotel fire event, background music system through the network of fire alarm automatic fire alarm signal receiving center immediately after the host, the alarm signal will be switched to the radio alarm system, make timely evacuation of personnel, to avoid casualties and property losses.

Power amplifier control: digital network broadcast terminal can be based on whether the voice signal, automatic switching power amplifier, to avoid power amplifier 24 hours of work, affecting the life of the equipment, waste of energy.

L system topology

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