• HARMAN brand public broadcasting is used in shaanxi hua county education bureau

    HARMAN brand pub

    The address of hua county education bureau is loca......

  • HARMAN brand public broadcasting system is applied to the new town agriculture park

    HARMAN brand pub

    Many new town as the west salty new city one of th......

  • HARMAN wireless FM radio successfully applied to mountain customs

    HARMAN wireless

    Shanhaiguan, also referred to as the shanhaiguan a......

  • HARMAN brand IP network broadcast successfully applied to shanxi datong yichina

    HARMAN brand IP

    Founded in 1951, ling qiu is the only public high ......

  • HARMAN brand smart broadcast successfully applied to guizhou tianzhu hotel

    HARMAN brand sma

    Sky column in kaili hotel is located in qiandongna......

  • HARMAN brand IP network broadcast successfully applied to zhejiang pingyang wealth city plaza

    HARMAN brand IP

    Is located in the town, pingyang county, zhejiang ......

  • HARMAN campus radio is escorting the college entrance examination of zhoukou high school in henan province

    HARMAN campus ra

    Zhoukou city, henan province, located on the south......

  • The HARMAN brand public broadcasting system was successfully applied to shanxi jincheng hospital

    The HARMAN brand

    Jincheng located in jincheng city, Shanxi Province......

  • The HARMAN campus broadcasting system was successfully used in shandong new era school

    The HARMAN campu

    New school is located in shandong weifang binhai e......

  • HARMAN (HARMAN) brand wireless vehicle-mounted audio and video system has been successfully applied to China's hui-cong home electric city


    China huicong electric city is located in beijiao ......

  • Our company's j-bebo (poly) brand audio support shenyang middle school sports center

    Our company'

    The second middle School in Shenyang, Shenyang No.......

  • The HARMAN audio broadcast successfully applied to the nanchang sports center of jiangxi province

    The HARMAN audio

    It is reported that the construction project of na......

  • HARMAN brand conference sound system successfully applied in shenzhen yantian customs building

    HARMAN brand con

    Shenzhen customs office of the People's Republ......

  • Haman acoustics and yacht will jointly build a medium private luxury yacht sound system

    Haman acoustics

    Yacht (yacht) is a kind of recreational vehicle, m......

  • HARMAN's brand sound system and campus broadcasting system have been successfully applied to Beijing new town vocational college

    HARMAN's bra

    District of Beijing city vocational school is dire......

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